A Lonestar Production, Written and Directed by Eliot Grigo.
While driving late at night on a road trip, James decides to get off the highway and confront his love-interest, Lana.
Eliot Grigo's characters, "James" and "Lana".
Taylor Rosen is an actor and writer based in New York City, and Kay Marie Loren started acting in 2014, & has been in the visual arts for years.
Parish, NY, location for Eliot Grigo's short film, Highway 87.
Highway 87, is a pensive quest into the fragility of confronting love, and how searching for that understanding is never over.
A short story about Taylor's own relationship to the "love" word.
A short story about Kay's personal history with the "love" word.
"James" and "Lana" preparing for a scene with Eliot Grigo in the passenger seat with the Canon C500 and Zeiss CP2 lens.
"There are very few partnerships which we can actively look back on and notice how extremely they made us grow," said Grace Cannon, AD.
Cast, Crew, and Donors for HW87
"Love is just a word," a line from Eliot Grigo's script for Highway 87.